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Our Team

Just One International Staff Headshot
Douglas Barahona

 CFO | General Director

Douglas has been serving with nonprofit ministries and working with the community in Aguas del Padre for 17 years. Working as a missionary for the past year has given him the ability to work with a wide variety of ministries. As a bilingual college graduate, he has a passion for making high education possible for the next generation of students in Honduras. Douglas is supported by his wife Karla and two children, Andres and Victoria.

Marco Fuentes.webp
Marco Fuentes

High School Scholarship Program Director

As a psychologist by trade, Marco has used his experience to serve the children and families of Aguas del Padre for the past 10 years. His belief in holistic education, including emotional and spiritual guidance within the education process, is evident in the support and care he provides to the people he serves. In his free time, Marco volunteers at his local church, travels to visit his family in Tegucigalpa, or spends time with his wife, Ellen. But on Packer game nights, you will find him glued to his television!

Mizael Flores.webp
Mizael Flores

Spiritual Development

Mizael Flores was born in Siguatepeque and has been serving in Aguas del Padre since 2004, after moving to the area to start a nonprofit organization. He is the founder and head pastor of Iglesia Punto de Gracia, the only Bible-teaching church in our village. His life work is focused on lifting up the community of Aguas del Padre through the Gospel. Mizael is working part-time with Just One International. He currently lives in Siguatepeque with his wife Bessy and two daughters, Lizzy and Rocio. In addition to leading Iglesia Punto de Gracia, Mizael teaches architecture at the university level.

Bessy Flores.webp
Bessy Flores

Mentor and Counselor

Throughout the years, Bessy has been studying discipleship at a local seminary in Siguatepeque. She is passionate about watching others grow and advance spiritually. She is a trained marriage and women's counselor. Bessy works part-time with Just One International as a mentor, helping the scholars by providing them with the resources necessary for them to achieve their academic goals. Her main goal is to help scholars strengthen their spiritual lives. Her longing is that each and every one of the scholars to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Dariela Rodriguez.webp
Dariela Rodriguez

Just Cafe Manager

Dariela Rodriguez was born and raised in Aguas del Padre, Siguatepeque. She is 18 years old and graduated from high school in 2021. Dariela is currently in college at Universidad Jose Cecilio del Valle and studying International Relations and Diplomacy. She has been part of Just One family for 3 years now, first as a scholar and now as an intern. Dariela teaches high school English classes once a week for the Scholars. She works directly with Marco, serving the scholars and their families. When she is not studying or working you will find her reading. She loves to learn about different cultures all around the world. Her dream is to open a cafe in the community.

Carmen Guevara.webp
Carmen Guevara

Scholarship Program Intern

Carmen is a Just One Graduate, currently studying at the college level at the Catholic University of Honduras. She is studying to become a psychologist. With her degree, she desires to serve the children in her hometown. She knows the physical and emotional trauma that children in her community face daily, and she wants to do something about it. Carmen is passionate about giving back as an act of gratitude for all the support she has received. She loves spending time with kids and is currently teaching Sunday School, alongside her sister, at her local church. Being at Just One, she learned that even the smallest contribution can make a big change, and she will tell you confidently that is what she wants to do. Carmen currently lives in the community Just One serves, Aguas del Padre, with her parents and her sister, who is a Just One Scholar as well.

Mauricio Mayorga.webp
Mauricio Mayorga

Campus Manager & Community Engagement

Mauricio graduated as a Just One Scholar in 2020 and is now studying at the Catholic University of Honduras to become an Industrial Engineer. He learned English in 8th grade and graduated with honors from a bilingual high school. He is passionate about helping others in his community in the same way that he has received support from Just One. Mauricio has a strong work ethic and is a role model for others in the community. Mauricio lives in Aguas del Padre with his parents and his 4 sisters. He is the star goalie of the Aguas del Padre soccer team!

Karla B.jpg
Karla Barahona

Middle School Scholarship Coordinator

Karla defines her life work as being a wife and a mom. She loves spending time with Douglas and her two young kids, Andres and Victoria. Her degree is in administration, but she loves to get to know other people and be with new people over a cup of coffee. This is not the first time that she has served alongside her husband in ministry and it is the best thing that has happened to her. It's a joy to see God come through again and again throughout her life. In Karla's free time, she listens to podcasts, reads Bible study books, and teaches her children.

Red Gradient Profile Photo Instagram Post.png
Maddie Trncic

CEO | President

Maddie has had a heart for education in Honduras since her first visit to the country in 2013. God called her to live in the community of Aguas del Padre for 4 years, building relationships with the people whom she now calls family. She has been serving the community for 10 years and is a firm believer that the best way to influence the future is to educate it. Maddie is working full-time with Just One International. Currently, she is living in Chicago and also working at The Bridge Community Church, where her husband Denim is Campus Pastor.

Joe Schwartz

Philanthropy Director

Joe graduated from Pepperdine University’s Master’s in Teaching program in 2021 and has since been working as a high school English teacher in the Los Angeles area. There, his passion for education and mentorship bloomed through two rewarding, yet grueling, years in the classroom. Joe left teaching at the end of the 2022-23 academic term in search of a more impactful way to be involved in education. Joining Just One shortly after, Joe now intends to bring his insight and experience within education to Just One’s fundraising team. In his spare time, Joe enjoys digging for old records, folding clean laundry, and creative writing (when inspired, of course).

Luz Garcia

Next Steps Coordinator

Luz Garcia is the youngest of 5 sisters and comes from a family of teachers. She has worked in the education field for the past 16 years, first as a teacher and then as a principal of various schools. She is passionate about leading and guiding the next generation towards Jesus. She has been working as a Young Adult Group Leader for the past 9 years. Currently, she is finishing her 4th year of Seminary school. Education is always a constant in her life. She enjoys singing, playing the piano, and spending time with her family.

Christina Ballweg
Christina Ballweg.webp

Board of Directors

Christina is Vice President of Investor Relations at SARA Investment Real Estate, overseeing the discovery, development, and management of SARA’s select pool of investors, including the team members assigned to maintain these relationships. Christina works closely with SARA’s Analytics and Operational teams to determine the viability, structure, and maintenance of the business plan for each real estate acquisition and its development and provides guidance on investor outlook and risk tolerance. Christina believes that what you share will multiply. Christina has an eclectic list of hobbies that include but are not limited to cooking, turkey and/or pheasant hunting, hugging her dog, smiling at other people’s dogs, painting, wood carving, playing piano, reading, biking, laughing with her husband or playing Legos with her 2 stepdaughters.

Junior Ziegler.webp
Junior Ziegler

Board of Directors

Junior is the Lead Teaching Pastor at The Bridge Community Church, a multi-campus church in Chicagoland. Junior’s work and mission is to bring the Gospel to not only the Chicago area but worldwide. In addition to teaching and pastoring, he oversees local and global outreach initiatives for The Bridge. Junior believes the only hope for the world is God’s people being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and continuing His ministry. He gets excited about seeing lives, families, and ultimately communities colliding with the changing love of God. Junior and his wife Nicole have three daughters. In their free time, you’ll find them outside during the day and watching cartoons at night.

Al Toon
Al Toon.webp

Board Member

Al was a wide receiver for the New York Jets for eight seasons, selected as the Jet's first-round pick in the 1985 NFL Draft. He is considered to be among the Jets' greatest wide receivers. To this day, he is still known as one of the greatest players in franchise history holding records for receptions. After retirement, his business focus has been primarily on real estate development, and franchise development, which included joining a team to start a local community bank. Al has also joined numerous business and charitable boards over the 3 decades. He and his wife Jane strongly believe in making the world a better place for those in need and those around them. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren and are often traveling to spend as much time as possible with them! His service is dedicated to preserving the legacy, joy, and energy of his daughter Molly. Her passion for life pulses through their family.

Liz Zajicek.webp
Liz Zajicek

Board Member

Liz is a CPA who specializes in corporate taxation for a telecommunications company in Madison, WI. She uses her talents to serve nonprofit organizations as a financial advisor. Liz came to love Honduras, specifically the community of Aguas del Padre in 2015 when she went on her first mission trip. Her return to Aguas del Padre with Just One in 2023 solidified her passion to serve the people of Honduras. She desires to see young lives changed based on Micah 6:8 “What does the LORD require of you, but to act justly to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” During Liz’s free time, she enjoys serving at church, spending time with her family, reading, planning her next vacation, and exploring the world with a camera in her hand.

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