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dariela rodriguez

Just Café Owner & Manager

more about dariela

Dariela Rodriguez was born and raised in Aguas del Padre, Siguatepeque. She is 21 years old and graduated from high school in 2021. Dariela is currently in college at Universidad Jose Cecilio del Valle and studying International Relations and Diplomacy. She has been part of Just One family for 4 years now, first as a scholar and now as an a full time staff member.

Dariela teaches high school English classes once a week for the Scholars. She works to serve the scholars and their families through book clubs, student mentoring, and curating a space where students can relax at Just Café. When she is not studying or working, you will find her reading. She loves to learn about different cultures all around the world. She started Just Café in 2022 with the goal to provide a safe enviormnet for teenagers in her community. 

Dariela first pitched the idea of Just Café as a shark tank project for school,  a competition she won.  Now, as manager of Just Café, it's her reality! 

"Just One is a family to me. I love seeing all the students grow and learn."

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