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Pila Project

A foundational aspect of our mission is to build up and defend the high-risk villages surrounding the Siguatepeque community. Our Pila Project was developed to provide clean water to homes in need. Each pila, complete with a clean water filter, is handcrafted by a team of scholars led by Mauricio, Just One's Community Development Director and former scholar. 

Pilas are essential to creating healthy living conditions for a family and their home. 

a finished pila!
scholars mixing concrete by hand!

In Honduras, direct access to water is not a given. It is expensive and scarce with many homes going weeks without direct access to water. Pilas change that reality.


A pila serves as a family's primary source of water collection. 

They allow them to store water to use for cooking, bathing, and washing dishes or clothes. In Honduras, plumbing and in-home running water are uncommon amenities, making day-to-day tasks difficult and even unsafe. Just One's pilas are designed to connect to government-provided water systems and collect rainwater, effectively closing the gap between families and clean water. 

what is a pila?

A  pila is so much more than a water collection system.

It is a spring of solidaridty where every  collected drop of water reflects the commitment of scholars to the wellbeing of their community. 

Gerson Rivera, Just One Next Steps Scholar

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more than

Pilas are just the beginning. We have since introduced water filters to purify drinking water from harmful pollution and diseases, which are all too common in Honduran homes. With clean water readily available, families are now empowered to care for their health and wellness in ways they could not before. 

What started as a way to address families' immediate needs has transformed into a program that builds up households to be healthy and self-sufficient. 

The Pila Project is more than clean water. It's a spark of hope for those who need it. 



give the gift of water

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