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take up

the cause of the fatherless



the case of the widow

Family Empowerment

We are committed to building up families as a cohesive unit. Our programs empower families to foster healthy, supportive households that allow members to grow spiritually and emotionally. 


financial literacy

Financial literacy is an essential piece to the empowerment puzzle. For many families, managing finances feels like a futile pursuit amid the fight for survival. Just One, however, understands this and is committed to coming alongside families to support them in financial management. Each family enrolled in Just One's scholarship programs opens a bank account and creates a personalized budget with our CFO, Douglas Barahona, based specifically on their needs and circumstances. 


Our scholars are transforming their families' futures, and we take that seriously. We invest time equipping each household with the tools necessary to manage their finances for today's needs and tomorrow's successes.

“I believe in my future, and my family’s future depends on the decisions I make today.”

Jennifer Lopez, Just One Next Steps Scholar 

We offer intensive support to struggling couples through our on-campus, mental health professionals. Mizael and Bessy Flores meet with struggling couples one-on-one to ensure households are as strong as possible. 

For single-parent households, Just One offers additional financial support to ensure that finances don't inhibit families from enrolling their child in scholarship programs. 

Every Friday, scholars and families attend our weekly Bible study devotional. This time allows families to learn and grow together spiritually. 


it starts at home

family counseling

financial planning

trauma counseling

financial assistance

resume coaching

career counseling

interview training

& more


biblical focus

Our scholarship programs were designed to be holistic and comprehensive with an emphasis on more than just scholars' immediate future. 


We want to ensure that Just One scholars have ample opportunity to invest in their spiritual futures. One-on-one Bible studies, supplemental small-group Bible studies, and women's support groups are just a few of the ways we empower scholars to take ownership of their spirituality. 

maintaining a

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