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Invest in the Future of Honduras

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By donating to Just One International, you are choosing to positively impact the future of Honduras. Become part of our team. Donate and be a part of the work that God is doing in Honduras.

Just One International Student and Mother

Legacy Donation

Legacy donations are classified as one-time investments to the Just One International Scholarship Program. Legacy Donors are a vital aspect of our annual budget. They ensure financial stability and allow for additional projects to support the Just One Scholars during their time in high school. 

Sponsor a Scholar

Sponsoring a Scholar is an all-inclusive scholarship program that provides for your scholar’s monthly school payments and the supports necessary for him/her to succeed. By setting up a monthly donation, you can help send a Just One Scholar to high school in Siguatepeque. Sponsoring a scholar directly invests in the future of Honduras by providing the financial support that scholars need to complete their high school education.

Just One International Students
Just One International Scholarship recipient

Team Sponsor

For individuals that want to work together to Sponsor a Scholar, it is possible to build your own team of supporters to sponsor one scholar. Teams will partner with a scholar for his/her entire high school education, which is 2 years. Team sponsorship is a great opportunity to collaborate with others and still support Just One Scholars!

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