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No Hungry Home

Our mission calls us to care for our communities' families fighting for survival. Our No Hungry Home project is a scholar-run service initiative that works to feed the homes in our surrounding villages. Every month, our scholars pack and deliver over 50 food bags to families in need, walking miles over mountainous terrain to distribute vital necessities.

No Hungry Home is empowering scholars to be the change, fostering a sense of responsibility for their country one delivery at a time. 




each food bag feeds a family of


for two weeks

each food bag costs



We understand that the fight for food security is not confined solely to the community. Many of our scholars face the same reality as their neighbors. 


No Hungry Home is designed to address this concern, to care for Just One scholars and those under the same roof. On delivery day, scholars take an additional bag of resources home to their families. By securing consistent, dependable access to food, No Hungry Home is empowering scholars to excel in their classrooms and community. 



With just one small change, we make a big difference in our village. All the support I've received motivates me to work hard to be that change for my commmunity and my family.

Mauricio Mayorga, Just One Next Steps Scholar & Community Development Director



being the

No Hungry Home's impact was clear from the start— for both our scholars and community.


This combination of service and sustenance has changed students' ability to engage in the classroom and in their community. Scholars have grown to love packing bags for their neighbors and have encouraged them to seek ways to get involved in their community. 

Just One is proud to see scholars as agents of change in their community. They are the difference-makers, building a brighter future for Siguatepeque. 

scholars on delivery day!

give to a family in need

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