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Pastor & Spiritual Development

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Classic Arquibaby face! 

Mizael Flores was born in Siguatepeque and has been serving our communities since 2004, moving to the area to start a nonprofit organization. He is the founder and head pastor of Iglesia Punto de Gracia, the only Bible-teaching church in our village. His life work is focused on lifting up the farming villages surrounding Siguatepeque through the Gospel.

Mizael is working part-time with Just One International. He currently lives in Siguatepeque with his wife Bessy and two daughters, Lizzy and Rocio. In addition to leading Iglesia Punto de Gracia, Mizael teaches architecture at the university level, while serving as a pastor, father, mentor, and teacher to all of Just One's scholars. His nickname at Just One is "Arquibaby" because he is so lovable. 


"For me, Just One is an opportunity that God has given us to leave a legacy."

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