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douglas barahona

National Director

more about douglas

Douglas has committed his career to building up nonprofit ministries, serving the community of Aguas del Padre for over 20 years now. His past as a missionary, an orphan care director, and a CFO all feed into the dynamic work he does for Just One as General Director and CFO. As a bilingual college graduate, Douglas has a passion for making higher education accessible for the next generation of students in Honduras. He is living proof that education is the key to breaking cycles of poverty, and we love that our scholars see that firsthand. 


Douglas is supported by his wife, Karla, and his two children, Andres and Victoria, who love spending time on campus and with the scholars. Some of his favorite moments at Just One are when the staff and scholars get together to sing karaoke. Those moments are priceless. 

Douglas and Mizael have been working together for over 15 years!

"I love that my job is challenging, demanding and rewarding every day. I want to create an impact on these scholars, so they know how intelligent and blessed they are."

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