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marvin rivera

Scholarship Program Intern

more about marvin

Marvin graduated high school in November 2022 and is now studying Law at the Catholic University of Honduras, where he dreams of becoming a lawyer dedicated to the defense and development of his community, Siguatepeque. Marvin's passion for law stems directly from his passion to serve his community, a trait that is apparent in all that he does. He believes that a thorough understanding of the law can be utilized to safeguard the rights of his neighbors.

Beyond academics, Marvin works full-time with Just One International as the Middle School Scholarship Intern. Here, Marvin plays a significant part in building up younger scholars through teaching and leadership, a responsibility he takes to heart. In this role, his passion for service extends beyond his community and into the growth and development of future generations. 

Marvin lives in El Socorro with his family, who is incredibly supportive of his dreams and ambitions. Marvin embraces each opportunity wholeheartedly, whether that be in his studies or his community, believing that focused efforts are the key to a brighter Honduras. 


For us, Just One represents an invaluable opportunity to connect with young adults and children, inspiring them to discover their potential and positively contribute to society. Working with them fills me with gratitude and pushes us all to become agents of change in their lives.

marvin is usually serious...    but if you can catch him in a goofy mood, it's the best! 
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