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al toon

Board Member Since 2023

more about al

Al was a wide receiver for the New York Jets for eight seasons, selected as the Jet's first-round pick in the 1985 NFL Draft. He is considered to be among the Jets' greatest wide receivers, and to this day, he is still known as one of the greatest players in Jets franchise history, holding records for receptions.

After retirement, Al's business focus has been primarily on real estate and franchise development, which included joining a team to open a local community bank. Additionally, over the last 3 decades, Al has joined a number of business and charitable boards.

He and his wife, Jane, strongly believe in making the world a better place for those in need and those around them. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren and are often traveling to spend as much time as possible with them! His service is dedicated to preserving the legacy, joy, and energy of his daughter, Molly. Her passion for life pulses through their family.

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