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carmen guevara

Scholarship Program Intern

Carmen's favorite job at Just One is managing the library.

more about carmen

Carmen is a Just One Graduate, currently studying at the college level at the Catholic University of Honduras. She is studying to become a psychologist. With her degree, she desires to serve the children in her hometown. She knows the physical and emotional trauma that children in her community face daily, and she wants to do something about it. Carmen is passionate about giving back as an act of gratitude for all the support she has received. She loves spending time with kids and is currently teaching Sunday School, alongside her sister, at her local church.

Being at Just One, she learned that even the smallest contribution can make a big change, and she will tell you confidently that is what she wants to do. Carmen currently lives in the community Just One serves, Aguas del Padre, with her parents and her sister, who is a Just One Scholar as well.

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