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karla barahona

Middle School Scholarship Coordinator


more about karla

Karla defines her life work as both a wife and a mom. She loves spending time with Douglas and her two young kids, Andres and Victoria. Karla holds a degree in administration, but she has a clear passion for relationships, taking every opportunity to pursue new relationships. 

Now working for Just One as the Middle School Scholarship Coordinator, this is not Karla's first time working with her husband, Douglas. She loves working alongside Douglas and her chosen Just One family, sharing that it is the best thing that has happened to her. For her, it's a reminder that God comes through again and again, and that is a joy to be a part of. In her free time, Karla listens to podcasts, reads Bible study books, and teaches her children.

Karla says she is new to education  but she homeschooled her kids for 3 years!

"The most beautiful part of my job is working with young leaders. If we are able to be the difference in at least one of these students' lives, that would be enough." 

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