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Honduras has a severely young population, with many entering the workforce before completing their primary education. The majority of the country's crime and poverty issues stem from the fact that the population is extremely young and uneducated. 


We believe this make-up creates a high-impact zone, where modest, targeted support can produce enormous change. 

the need

The Facts About Education in Honduras


In Honduras, the rural villages are the most vulnerable populations. In these areas, it is most common for youth to work in the fields picking coffee or farming. 

A job in agriculture normally pays $4-$6/day, while the majority of bilingual high schools in Honduras charge a fee of $250-$350/month. This gap creates a crippling cycle of poverty for many families. Trapped by these low wages, parents are unable to afford their children's education, limiting future career opportunities and perpetuating the cycle.

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Just One has the only public library in our area! 



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The majority of Honduran communities lack the infrastructure necessary to meet student needs on their own. Schools are left to fend for themselves without the support of government aid or initiatives, and ultimately, the student suffers.


This often means that schools have no electricity or running water. Most schools have 1 teacher for every 50 kids. Kids are required to buy their own books, uniforms, and school supplies. For many families, this makes education impossible. 

public schools

the reality of

Did you catch those facts!? 

bridging the gap

Just One, however, seeks to bridge this gap, to make learning accessible. Through our program's supplemental resources, Just One scholars are being holistically supported beyond their educational journey, opening doors of opportunity that might otherwise remain closed. Our commitment is to equip students with the tools to be leaders in their classrooms today and their careers tomorrow. 

extracurriculars provided






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computer & technology


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