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liz guevara

Just Café Barista


more about liz

Lizmaried, known to many as Liz, is a recent Just One Graduate studying nutrition at the Catholic University of Honduras right here in Siguatepeque. With a love for coffee and the Just One Family, Liz works part-time as one of Just Café’s baristas, balancing classes, homework, and an active social life. 

As someone with an affinity for spreading health literacy, Liz is pursuing a degree in nutrition at the university level. Her goal is to work alongside medical teams in the Siguatepeque community as both a translator and a health professional, effectively building up the surrounding villages through health empowerment and hands-on care. Moreover, Liz aspires to help Comedores Infantiles, an organization that collaborates to bring food to low-income children in Honduras. Liz has a heart for others and a passion for service, which is reflected in all she does.

Through her career, Liz aims to serve her community, her family, and God. She is forever grateful that God placed Just One in her life. 

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