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the cause of the fatherless.


the case of the widow.

Family Empowerment Project

A vital piece of the puzzle in providing holistic care for our students is advocating for stronger family units. As part of our Family Empowerment Project, we provide a variety of services for parents and guardians in an effort to raise families out of poverty. 

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Financial Planning

 All families enrolled in our scholarship programs create a family budget with Just One’s CFO. We invest time talking about finances, how to manage a family budget, and opening a bank account with the families.

Marital Counseling

Mizael and Bessy Flores meet with struggling couples one-on-one.

Family Bible Studies

Every Friday, Scholars and families attend our weekly Bible Study. This time allows families to grow spiritually, while growing closer together. 

Single Parent Support

 Financial support is given for single parent households that are struggling to make ends meet.

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“I believe in my future, and my family’s future depends on the decisions I make today.”

-Jenifer Lopez, Just One Graduate 2021

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