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the oppressed.

A vital aspect of our mission at Just One International is to defend the oppressed. For us, this means focusing our programs to support high risk villages and communities in rural Honduras.

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The Need in Honduras

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In Honduras, the rural villages are the most vulnerable populations. Over half of the population is under 18 and only 31% of youth ages 15-17 attend school. In these areas it is most common for youth to work in the fields picking coffee or farming. 

Children frequently start working agricultural jobs as young as 7 years old to help provide for their families. 

A job in agriculture normally pays $4-$6 a day and an average workday is about 10-12 hours long. The majority of bilingual high schools in Honduras charge a fee of $250-$350 each month for 12 months. This fee is unachievable for most working families. This creates a cycle of poverty for families in the communities we serve. Parents are unable to provide for their children's education and as a result, children are not able to obtain other career opportunities to provide for their families. 

5 million people are fighting to survive in our city.

High Impact Zone

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Despite extreme poverty conditions and many children not attending school, we have found that kids place a high value on education when given the opportunity and resources through Just One. Many of our Scholars walk several miles to and from Just One every day to be part of our programs. By receiving a high level of education and learning English, Scholars will have significantly more job opportunities all over Honduras. They will be able to provide for their families and break generational cycles of poverty. 


Realizing that there is a strong passion for education and the impact that higher education will have on impoverished areas, Just One has expanded to 5 farming villages surrounding Siguatepeque.

Just One International Scholar looking at camera
“For me, a good leader is someone who guides others and is an example to many. That’s who I want to be.”

-Ruth Sabillon, Just One Graduate 2021

Just One International Students

Just One International graduated 44 High School Scholars, increasing the higher education rate in the high risk villages we serve by 750%.


Since the beginning of Just One, we have seen the positive impact that education has made on these communities. Our graduates are procuring professional level jobs, thereby earning more and providing better for their families. They are becoming leaders in their respective communities. Additionally, their success after education is inspiring more students to continue to pursue education at higher levels.


For the 2022-2023 school year, we have 75 scholars in our High School and College Scholarship programs from villages around Siguatepeque. 
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