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Our students are creating a brighter future to Honduras. They are breaking generational cycles of poverty within their families by graduating from higher education. We are so proud to share their stories.

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Eduardo Matias

“The impact has also been very personal. Given my current situation, I spent a lot of time by myself, without anyone’s company.  When the trust began to grow and I started to feel their care, it overcame my loneliness. I noticed that I didn’t go to Just One only as a requirement—I went because I genuinely enjoyed it... They are the family I have but don't live with.”

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Brenda Hernandez
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“Many, like my mother, have not had the opportunity to study. They didn’t have the opportunity that I now have… An education can change someone’s future.”

Brayan Funez

"I am studying automotive mechanics and with that, I want to open a shop here. Of course, I want to go to university, but I want to open a shop to help those around my community."

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